The energy sector in Europe and in the world has changed rapidly over the last few years under the influence of trends towards globalization, liberalization, competition, de-monopolization, and strengthening of regulation in the field. Parallel to the evolvement of the European internal energy market, the true pan-European implications of the process began to unfold.

The WIDER OBJECTIVE of this projectCanada Goose Victoria Parka is to enable Georgia (GE) and Ukraine (UA) to face the challenges of dealing with Energy and Environment policies in accordance with EU and international standards through capacity and institutional building measures. An ultimate goal of this project is to prepare a new generation of lawyers capable of performing legalCanada Goose Whistler Parka services within different energy domains by using the latest achievements in energy and environmental law.


To reach the wider objective of the project an interdisciplinary master and doctoral degree program on Energy and Environmental Law for Ukrainian and Georgian universities will be introduced.

Furthermore, two consultancy bureaus on Energy Law will be established in Ukraine and Georgia which will provide a) training for master and doctoral students, b) in-service training sessions on demand and c) consulting activities for companies and individuals in the area of Energy Law management.

This will bring about the following RESULTS:

  • Academic quality of energy law studies in Ukraine and Georgia is improved;
  • Need for consultancy services in energy and environmental law is satisfied;
  • Professional, language and personal skills of program graduates are improved and their employability raised;
  • Cooperation between national legal authorities and university systems in the field of energy law enhanced.