European Environmental Law

ISBN: 9888002146
by: John R. Salter
The rapid rate of regulation and the wide spectrum of activities
and substances now falling under environmental control necessitate
a succinct, accurate, and up-to-date text on current European
environmental law forCanada Goose Solaris Parka legal practitioners and other professionals
inside and outside Europe. This work fills that requirement, tempering
theoretical discussion with the pressing need ofCanada Goose Thompson Jacket the practitioner to
know the state of the law and its application.
Three main sections, entitles The European Natural, Human and
Man-Made Environments
, accessibly set out the black letter law on an
extremely wide range of matters. Introductions to each section provide
capsule overviews of the material. An exhaustive subject index furthers
the usefulness of the text as a broad practical resource. This work includes
coverage of developments in the effectuation of European environmental
law; cases decided by the European Court of Justice and other European
courts issuing relevant decisions (such as the European Court of Human
Rights); and reference to community legislation (treaty texts and
consolidated table of enacted and proposed secondary EC legislation).

International Encyclopedia for Energy Law

ISBN: 9888001946
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Kurt Deketelaere
This subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws (IEL) covers national and international energy law. Each national monograph contains a general introduction, a description of the country’s energy legislation, an overview of the basic principles of energy law, the historical background, the role of governmental institutions, and the sources of energy law in that country’s legal system.
Each country’s regulatory framework concerning electricity, gas, petrol and coal is fully set forth, with emphasis on the aspects of production, exploitation, transport, distribution, and consumption. Each monograph also deals with the interactions of energy law with environmental law, tax law
and competition law. In addition, Energy Law includes international monographs covering international legislation and treaties and the energy law of the European Union.

European Energy and Environmental Law Review

ISBN: 0966-1646
Managing Editor: Kurt Deketelaere, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Secretary-General, League of European Research Universities (LERU); Zen Makuch, Imperial College London
European Energy and Environmental Law Review is an established bi-monthly journal which presents comprehensive coverage of the latest developments in energy and environmental law throughout Europe. In addition to this, the journal contains concise, accessible articles which explore and analyze significant issues and developments in energy and environmental law and practice throughout Europe.