PR/project in the media

Dissemination plan includes the specific measures70-442GB2312 aimed on broad dissemination of main project outcomes and outputs by web-based communication mechanisms, as well as face-to-face meeting, launch events in both of the participating partner countries, networking and final dissemination70-442 conference to be hosted by key Ukrainian partner – National University “Law Academy of Ukraine”.

The following activities are to be executed:

- Design and initial development of the web portal;

- Continuous support and regular updating of the web portal;

- Identification, design and development of the components of the package;

- Printing the dissemination package;

- Distribution of the printed materials to all partners;

- Conducting launch event in Georgia;

- Conducting launch event in Ukraine;

- Arranging 4 dissemination seminars;

- Conducting Final Dissemination event.