Project overview

There is a very strong commitment by the senior management team at Ukrainian partner universities to initiate major curriculum reforms and align universities’ provision with mainstream universities across Europe. Ukrainian institutions are committed to the Bologna Process and have successfully70-432GB2312started to apply the ECTS credit system. The intention to introduce new master programme is for quality assurance to incorporate a European dimension is shared by Georgian law schools.

Both countries’ universities posses the great interest to the studies70-433 covering legal framework for the exploration and production of oil and gas, the national legal issues regarding the nuclear sector and the legal instruments promoting energy savings, efficiency and renewables within the framework of the Kyoto protocol. Besides, Georgian community as the invitee for Energy Community, shows the demand on analyses in detail the national, regional and international dimensions of energy law and policy, on international law affecting the energy sector and environmental law, the Energy Charter Treaty and EU regulation of the energy sector.

By developing and introducing of new Bologna-compliant interdisciplinary master and doctoral curricula, establishment and equipping consultancy bureaus on energy law with required facilities and library, intensive capacity building mechanism the project will bring the following positive challenges in a short term:

  1. The academic quality of energy law studies will be significantly improved; the curriculum to be delivered will include most recent achievements, standards, regulations required by future practicing lawyers, legal advisers, contract managers and negotiators in these industries.
  2. The market urgent necessity in the energy and environmental law support will be satisfied by means of comprehensive consulting services for the different market players;
  3. The professional, language and personal skills of master students graduating the program will be sufficient for entering doctoral studies on this specialty and successfully start their employment on the chosen industrial company / law agency.